Wizard Constable, a fantasy action adventure by Tom Van Natta
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"Someone gave this to me as a gift, and while it is not the typical type of book I would read - I loved it! What an interesting story and great characters. You immediately fall into the mystical world and follow the main character along through the ups and downs of his job and life. The author has quite a sense of humor, and if you work in an office dealing with paperwork you will love the references to Jorac's dreaded "reports" he constantly needs to fill out. I sent a copy to my grandson and think he will love it for different reasons - the magic and wizardry will fascinate him for sure. Give this book a try - you won't be disappointed!"

"This is a fun book (and not a juvenile as you might expect from the cover). It features magic and swordplay but isn't a typical Sword and Sorcery either. Instead it takes place in a pleasant, well-realized universe where magic is a kind of everyday technology and the characters are normal, mostly good-humored adults. The hero is a likeable jock, and we follow him from one adventure to another in a non-stop plot that sweeps right along to a satisfying end."

"Wizard Constable is a metric ton of escapist fun!"