Wizard Constable, a fantasy action adventure by Tom Van Natta
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Welcome Neatorama Readers!
Welcome Neatorama Readers!

Welcome to visitors from Neatorama BitLit!

The nice folks at Neatorama are publishing Wizard Constable in its entirety, about a chapter per day. Neatorama encourages your support of indie artists like Tom Van Natta (The Humble Author of the Deathless Prose that is known far and wide as Wizard Constable).

Please browse around this small site for full-size maps, a little about the author, some sample chapters, etc.

You, oh good-looking, brave, strong, kind reader from Neatorama, can purchase Wizard Constable using the links below or at the left. But since you are a Neatorama reader, (you are a Neatorama reader, right?) there is a special discount available to you, and only you! (And your 40,000+ friends of course. One tries to be inclusive.)

If you go to a certain page at CreateSpace, you can get a 20% discount on a printed copy! The normal $16.95 purchase price will drop to $13.56 if you enter enter the special Neatorama discount code at checkout: 775YEA33

If you'd prefer, you can buy the book on Amazon. E-book copies are also available on Kindle, Nook , and iTunes US (Other iTunes countries too, see the Purchase page). Sadly, E-book discount codes aren't available, but the price has been lowered to $4.99! Such a deal! Buy two or three and compare the typography! (Okay, one is fine.) And tell your friends!

Here are links to all published chapters at BitLit. Note that the links won't be active until after the date listed.

(But did you check out the Sample Chapters tab above? The first 7+ chapters are there.)

January 3, 2011: Chapter 1 - Working for Wizards
January 4, 2011: Chapter 2 - Squadleader
January 5, 2011: Chapter 3 - Constable Work
January 6, 2011: Chapter 4 - Madame Velsop
January 7, 2011: Chapter 5 - To Pigtown
January 8, 2011: Chapter 6 - Swampside, Again
January 9, 2011: Chapter 7 - To The Swamp
January 10, 2011: Chapter 8 - An Unexpected Reunion
January 11, 2011: Chapter 9 - A Night in a Shack
January 12, 2011: Chapter 10 - Following a Guide
January 13, 2011: Chapter 11 - An Odd House
January 14, 2011: Chapter 12 - Sleeping Wizards Lie
January 15, 2011: Chapter 13 - Sphere of Influence
January 16, 2011: Chapter 14 - Meet the Chiefs
January 17, 2011: Chapter 15 - We’re Having a Party
January 18, 2011: Chapter 16 - Pergimtor’s Reaction
January 19, 2011: Chapter 17 - Jorac is Confused
January 20, 2011: Chapter 18 - An Assignment
January 21, 2011: Chapter 19 - A Journey Planned
January 22, 2011: Chapter 20 - A Journey Begins

Okay that's enough for now... The Ebook (Kindle, iTunes, Nook) isnow on sale for just 99 cents! Buy it today! Tell your friends!

Tom can be reached at: wizardconstable@gmail.com