Wizard Constable, a fantasy action adventure by Tom Van Natta
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About the Author

Tom Van Natta was born in Alaska and grew up in Colorado. He's the author of the short story "Ted" and the novella "Curio and Relic", and collaborator on a number of other projects.

He currently lives in Princeton, NJ with his unreasonably lovely wife and reasonably cute cats. The cats have generously helped write this book, as both wrist-weights and auxiliary typists. Tom can be reached at: wizardconstable@gmail.com

(This is a spoiler-free description of the genesis of the book.) This book was written somewhat as a antidote to Epic Fantasy (or even "Extruded Fantasy Product" - google for it). In those genres, there is typically the Young but Noble Heir To The Throne, and Evil Ones who wish to take away his Birthright, or the Chosen One has to go on the Quest for the Divine Kumquat, which he is Fated to Find - if you've read those books you will recognize the generalizations.

But don't get me wrong, I love good EFP and good Epic Fantasy, but when reading those books I tend to skip over the many chapters about imaginary court politics. Usually there's only (at most) one exciting scene per book that happens inside the castle. The rest of the time in the castle is setting up the fun parts – where stuff happens – which is usually fated to be far from home. So my hero Jorac spends a lot of time moving about in this story, and he relies on his own wits and friends, not Fate.

The other thing I tried to do was keep nobles from taking over the story. Mostly we meet ordinary people in my book, and the people with power tend to be a bit arrogant (kind of like real life :-).