Wizard Constable, a fantasy action adventure by Tom Van Natta. 'Jorac is allergic to magic, but not to action!'
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cover of book 'Wizard Constable'
Cover Art by Sue Van Camp - See her site here!

Jorac hated working for wizards...

Jorac is allergic to magic – it makes him sneeze - but he still takes a job working for the city's overbearing, officious wizards as Wizard Constable – it's his duty, and the pay is better.

On his first big assignment in the capital, he encounters cutthroats, slavers, poison frogs, crazed wizards, meets the most beautiful girl in the city in the least likely place, and throws the biggest party the slums of Swampside have ever seen. (Oh, and saves the day, but can't tell anyone.)

But no good deed goes unpunished, so regardless of his budding romance he's sent far to the north, as an "observer" with the army trying to put down a minor rebellion. When he discovers a far more ominous force behind the rebels, can he foil the enemy despite the army leaders?

He returns to the city (and the girl) with far more than he left with, plus a puzzle he must solve or the kingdom itself could fall. Will Jorac and his friends be able to figure out the threat in time, and can they stop it?

Wizard Constable is not stereotypical "epic fantasy", it's a fast-paced, fun adventure story.